Evolution / #Becausebags presents the first Official #Evo2 Pre-Meet, happening at Sno-Crave Tea House in Fremont, CA on Friday, May 1st.  At 9PM, Sno-Crave Tea House will be hosting a “20% off all drinks” special for meet attendees.  Go to Evolution Facebook and IG to view the promotional banner. #bloxevolution #gotoevolution #snocrave

About Sno-Crave Tea House

Sno-Crave Teah House is the Bay’s premier location for shaved snow and hundreds of cold and hot drink combinations. Sno-Crave Tea House is the place to be for your favorite dessert, whether it’s a crepe, a butter toast, or shaved snow.  Sno-Crave Teah House has multiple locations, with Fremont being its flagship eatery.  Follow them on Facebook