On June 13th, Pier 70 was once again transformed into EVOLUTION. Although #Evo2 happened on a single day, several months went into the planning process. How do you make this event better than the first? How do you create a new-event look and feel?

With the expanded size and new entryway, #Evo2 added new elements… the LA to the Bay Graffiti Art Expo featured 5-LA vs 5-Bay Area graffiti artists painting live during the event. The warehouse setting made a great backdrop for the artwork. STP LA made the trip up to host the competition and helped determine the Expo’s winner. The Evrystyles Dance Battle was also added and featured some of the Bay’s best dancers. Evrystep was on had making sure the crowd was entertained and a winner was crowned.

All in all, this event would not have been possible without the support of event sponsors and vendors, participants and attendees. At final count, #Evo2 exceeded last year’s event in every measurable aspect… 570-vehicles and 73-vendors.

Now, browse the official coverage and see what the EVOLUTION is all about.

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